Project 1

Splinter Bar: The space evolved from a massive stack of pallets at a local trucking company and the City of Albany's request for a pop up bar over Easter in the Town square.

Literally hundreds of Pallets were sanded and oiled before being joined together to create an intimate, organic, solar powered space for the people. 

With artwork encouraged on the tabletops and so many things to look at, read, talk about and enjoy its pleasing to say mobile phones were hardly sighted. A favourite space of ours for sure.


Project 2

25th Port Authority conference: Our challenge was to create an intimate space in a cold storage shed, on a wharf that is around the same length as a cricket ground in the middle of winter. 

We wrapped the main dinning area with scaffold that held the band and many other local artists and performers creating a warm and intriguing environment. Arrival drinks were served from a bar made entirely of massive dock pylons and the bar backdrop was a 12 metre fish tank that arrived on the back of a semi trailer.

Something was happening everywhere you looked.

Project 3

A Midsummer nights ball: To raise money for the people effected by the Queensland floods in 2012 the City of Albany organised a fundraiser at the Albany Entertainment Centre. We came on board to decorate and provide the entertainment for the evening, Local artists and Models donated there time and provided onlookers with ever evolving art works. Our concrete angles where there to showcase a Harley Davison  that was auctioned on the night and a photography studio set up in the foyer gave the guests an opportunity to get into model mode.


Project 5

Doc Tingle's Kooky Karnival:  The Karnival was a concept Smash came up with for a fundraising event for our local hospital. Not only did it have to raise much needed funds, it was also a chance for all the amazing staff that work at the hospital to let there hair down and have some fun. We created a crazy space packed with entertainment from acrobats and jugglers to a lion tamer and musicians. We decorated the event with candy and marshmallow trees, colourful paper lanterns and giant flowers.

Project 4

Field of remembrance:  Smash Creation was asked to create an installation for the entrance to the RSL Exhibition at the State Library of Western Australia. Guests walked through a field of poppies and grass that swayed in the breeze. We created over 2000 blades of grass and 500 poppies folded and placed on hand poured resin bases that balanced the paper in the breeze created by fans placed around the room.