Project 1

Waste not want not: Albany Solar commissioned 

us to build a Display booth using the waste from their business. The pallets the panels arrive on became the structural part of the walls, we then clad the walls in the cardboard that protects them. The lighting and seating was made from the insulation that covered electrical wire off cuts and seedlings were planted in the employ's take away coffee cups. We include a retro cardboard TV and an area for children to draw and make their own solar city.


Project 2

Nurture Knowledge: Our client was a bookstore looking for a window display with a difference, something beautiful and handmade. 

All the flowers are made from books from our local tip shop and were beyond rescue. Hours of experimentation followed by hours of folding ended in the creation of one of our signature designs. In the lead up to Christmas we added live mannequins to the scene, all their costumes were handmade from paper too.

Project 3

Six Degrees Bar and Cafe: 1600 sticks of timber recycled from old potato bins line the walls in a herring bone pattern.100 pots hang from in the laneway made from old machine rollers, Artworks from the streets, wallpaper ripped to perfection and much much more.  Our design for this interior was inspired by nature. We imagined nature taking back a space left humans. We loved the idea that the bar in the corner would become a nest for a large creature living in the kitchen and the plants would eventually take over the whole building.


Project 4

Field of remembrance: The RSL commissioned us to build an installation for the entrance of the State Library as an emotive start to their exhibition.  We created a field of poppy's that people visiting would walk through to get to the exhibition. Over 2000 blades of grass with the ode of remembrance printed on them and 500 paper poppy's swayed in the breeze provided by oscillating fans. The poppy's with there curved resin bases would then return to the upright position. It was both an honour and a privilege to work for the RSL of Western Australia. 



Project 5

Children's window displays:  We have designed and installed over 50 window displays over the years an thought we would share with you some of our favourite Children's displays with you. Our local tip Shop is an endless source of inspiration and we love to show people how beautiful some of the things they discard can be with a little imagination. As parents of the next  generation we are always looking for ways to highlight the need for art and imagination in problem solving.