Originally trained as a dancer and choreographer, Sam brings her love of colour, movement and all things theatrical to the Smash Creation team. 

Sam is mighty good at lots of stuff including conceptual design, illustration, installation, graphic design, painting, cutting, getting plumbers foam everywhere and seemingly endless paper folding. 

" Being pushed to learn a new process in order to compete a project is a challenge I really enjoy. I believe that I am very lucky to have a job where I can share the joys of my imagination and creativity"

"There is always a way."  Being brought up on an isolated farm as a young lad and having to think on his feet, Hamish is Smash Creation's problem solver. Down to earth and good with his hands. Hamish not only brings some serious construction skills to the partnership he is also a creative artisan with an eye for detail and balance.

His skill set includes creative marketing, installation design and building, chainsaw cleaning and the long lost art of threading plastic balls with fishing line.

Smash Creation is a Western Australian based design duo with over 25 years experience in design, the arts, marketing, merchandising and events, We offer a unique service to anyone wanting to challenge traditional concepts of presentation. 
A deep appreciation of our environment and the impact we have on it controls our themes and consequently the stories we tell. By specialising in local handcrafted pieces, recycled design and eye catching visuals we create images and spaces that ask the onlooker to dig a little deeper. 

Hamish Cameron
Samantha Burchett